Angela Simasiku Case Study

In partnership with Scholar Bridge, Arbol provides Angela emergency funding of $6,000, whose immigration status was at risk due to forced disenrollment of classes

Student Overview

Having to leave her child in Africa to study in the US, Angela Simasiku came to Georgia to attend Georgia State University for a masters degree in law.


Angela reached out to our team via LinkedIn on January 20th, 2022. She was short $6,000 for Spring 2022 classes. As a result, the university dropped her from all classes. The school gave her until January 28th, 2022 to pay the balance, which she could not do. As Angela is an international student, her immigration status became at risk if she was not enrolled in school. On top of that, she was only 3 credit hours away from obtaining her degree.


We met with Angela several times throughout the week to gain a better assessment of her financial picture and situation. Within just one week of receiving Angela’s request for help, Arbol worked with Scholar Bridge to raise the $6,000 gap so Angela can pay off her outstanding balance and reinstate her courses.


Angela has received the $6,000 and paid off the balance. She is currently back enrolled in Georgia State University and on track to graduate this May, with a master’s degree.

Student Testimonial

“Arbol words cannot express how thankful I am for your financial support! My education has always been of upmost importance to me, and to be rewarded in this way is very humbling. I was stressed out after being dropped from my last class for my LLM at Georgia State University, and was only given 5 days to make payment of $6,386.50. Despite, my anxiety of not continuing and finishing my last class; I didn’t feel alone during the process. The team was fully dedicated and committed to help me above and beyond! They also ensured that all fees such as reinstatement and card charges fees were fully covered. The financial support was absolutely an answer to my prayers, as life does not always go as we plan. I know that the Lord always has things in his control, and I believe he used Arbol to bless me in a time of need. I will forever be grateful for this gift, and I cannot thank you enough for that. With gratitude, Angela Simasiku”

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