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Democratizing Opportunity.

Arbol is a platform that enables supporters to give their time, talent, network and treasure to the students of their choice, while providing them one-to-one connection, proof of impact and transparency.

Support that directly helps our communities.

Raise funds to aid low income students

Our platform enables you to discover passionate, hardworking Students who need relief from financial stress to focus more on their education and career aspirations.

Pay it forward.

Joining Arbol gives you the chance to give back to the community.

Give first generation Students the boost they need to reach their fullest potential

Help Students of low socioeconomic backgrounds become successful

Follow up with Students and strengthen your community by coming together

Discover Students.

Your time comes first, so we want the process to be as smooth as possible for you.

Quickly find Students from recommendations based on your interests

View a concise description of each Student

See how well you match with each Student

Know the Student.

Establish a personal, lasting connection with the Student.

Stay up to date with the Student’s academic and career accomplishments

See what your money contributes to and how it helps the Student

View the Student’s posts and interactions to keep up with their interests