Debit Card Case Study

Arbol debit card system teaches students essential life skills such as expense management and financial literacy

Case Overview

Arbol learned from interviews and customer discovery that students may need guidance in regards to expense management and keeping track of each semester budget.


Only 57% of adults in the United States are considered financially literate. Many are not spending responsibly, losing track of their money, or are poorly managing their finances. Under-resourced students are pursuing their education along with taking care of family, working a full-time job, or dealing with food insecurity. These students do not have the time to plan out spending on their own.


By distributing an Arbol debit card, we are able to provide students a single place where they can review all their college expenses each month. This streamlines the process of expense management, as they will not have to log in to multiple credit card accounts to see where their money is. The debit cards also have expense controls to ensure students are spending on real needs for college.


Students using the debit card learn essential life skills such as financial planning and expense management. Under a monthly limit of spending, expense controls, and option to upload receipts students and Arbol are now able to better track what is being purchased. This helps the student better understand financing, and helps Arbol process data on purchases and spending habits regarding college expenses.

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