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Support under-resourced college students across the nation.

For as little as $25 a month, you can help under-resourced students stay in college and graduate. Your contributions will go directly to students to help them pay for books, supplies, laptops, food, transportation, and more.

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Connecting our early-adopter Supporters with our first funded Student, Sarah

Student Highlight

Sarah Ash, a Washington University in St. Louis student, states,

“I am absolutely elated to be part of the first group of students who are able to experience Arbol’s platform. The knowledge and passion of the employees is observable not only in the concept, but also in their communication and quality of their work. Throughout my entire experience, I’ve received transparency in what their requirements from students are, the service they’re providing, the progress they’re making, and what I can expect in the coming future.”

Sarah Ash is our first student to be fully funded through the Arbol platform, raising $3,000 to completely cover her Spring 2022 semester costs.

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We’ll charge you once a month or year, and use your donation to help under-resourced students pay for books, school supplies, laptops, off-campus housing, transportation, and food outside of a meal plan.

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Our Mission

Arbol helps students stay in school and graduate by connecting them with financial and community support. By contributing, we’re offering you the chance to join this amazing initiative and to take part in something bigger than yourself. It’s never too early to start making a real difference to other people.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

Arbol is a platform that helps Students in need pay for their non-tuition expenses providing them recurring micro-grants and connecting them to a community of Supporters.

Are the contributions tax deductible?

Yes. Arbol partners with a fiscal sponsor to ensure contributions are tax deductible for the supporter. This partnership enables the supporter to receive the economic benefit of giving while allowing Arbol to focus on giving supporters a superior experience.

Who will keep track of Student’s expenditure?

Students’ expenditure will be tracked through a debit card with expense controls and guardrails to make sure money given is being spent on necessary expenses for school. An Arbol advisor will work with each student to help them manage their expenses and become financially literate.

Can Supporters contribute directly to the Student?

In our early stages of product development, this feature is not yet available but will be implemented at a future date. When contributing directly to the Student, your contribution will no longer be eligible for a tax deduction.

Apart from getting tax credit, what other benefits are there?

Supporters also get an emotional, one-to-one connection with the students’ by receiving transparency into where their contributions are going. Supporters will be able to follow students’ updates and see the students they supported progress through college and beyond. Supporters also have the opportunity to give time to the students by participating in mentoring sessions.

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