Fundraiser – Graduating the Financially Ungraduated

Arbol Presents: Fundraiser – Graduating the Financially Ungraduated

Thursday, June 2nd from 6pm to 9pm EST

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Event Summary

The #1 reason students do not enroll or complete their degree is financial. Our community aims to alleviate that burden for our local college students.

Who are the Financially Ungraduated?

​The Financially Ungraduated are those who could not make it to graduation due to financial challenges. Many have to juggle a job while being in college because they need income to pay for college and living expenses. This can create a lot of stress and cause the student to be forcefully (due to a lack of payments) or voluntarily (deciding to allocate money and time towards absolute necessities rather than their education) dropped out of classes.

​Arbol invites you to join us for our first annual fundraiser to help financially challenged college students complete their degree. The event is geared more towards fun, but also provides networking opportunities, food, drinks, music and more. Enjoy a night out with your peers while raising funds for a worthy cause!

​Proceeds of this event will be disbursed directly to local college students to help them pay for their living expenses this coming Fall semester. 

Standard Tickets – $100/person

​Space is limited to 100 people, so register early! 

Included with your ticket:

  • ​Open bar & appetizers
  • ​Network with impact-driven professionals, philanthropist and community leaders eager, like you, to change the world
  • ​An opportunity to meet some of our talent local college students
  • ​Access to our Supporter Community

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