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Contribute Directly to Striving Students

Our platform helps under-resourced college students raise funds to cover their living expenses, get advice, and build their network by connecting them with online supporters.

“Success is not an accident, success is actually a choice.”

~ Stephen curry


The Problem

Only 16% of low income college Students graduate

On top of the normal stressors college Students face, many Students of low socioeconomic backgrounds also experience financial distress, lack of mentorship, and little ongoing support. Not having a sufficient amount of funds often leads to Students withdrawing. This combined with the lack of mentorship and support ensures Students are less likely to complete their education.


The Problem

Only 25% of online-only first-time contributors are retained for more than a year 

Often times Online Supporters make a one time contribution to a campaign and never get to see where their money goes or how it made an impact. Online Supporters are frustrated with the existing giving options and are left with no personal connection to whoever they contributed to.

Arbol Features


Search functionality based on filters

Access to funding and advice

Tools to manage spending and communication

Receive professional advice and mentoring

Engage other Students


Search functionality based on filters

Direct funding and advice to Students

Receive notifications and updates from Students

Access to analytics and progress reports

Engage other Supporters

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