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Let’s make something beautiful together.

Welcome to your personalized Arbol experience.

We’re excited to have Niagara University students be amongst the first to experience Arbol.

Let’s get right into it!

Engage in Community

Customize your profile page to show the world your story and interact with donors and other students.

Gain Financial Intelligence

By meeting with our advisors, you gain essential life skills such as financial literacy and planning. Keep track of your college expenses all in one place.

Receive Microgrants

After going through our program, you become eligible for a $1,000 microgrant that has the opportunity to become recurring throughout your college journey.

The Process

1. Create a Profile

Sign up to the Arbol platform and following the required steps to create a profile such as uploading documents that prove your student status.

2. Meet with Advisor

After creating a profile, you’ll be prompted to meet with an Arbol advisor to complete a financial intelligence session. This session will consist of building a budget to understand your financial situation and help plan for the future.

3. Follow Ups

After undergoing the financial intelligence session, we require that you meet with us on a monthly basis to continue updating your budget and making sure you are on track to graduate debt-free.

4. Microgrants

Upon completion of all of the above, you become eligible to receive $1,000 towards your living expenses.

“I am absolutely elated to be part of the first group of students who are able to experience Arbol’s platform. The knowledge and passion of the employees is observable not only in the concept, but also in their communication and quality of their work. Throughout my entire experience, I’ve received transparency in what their requirements from students are, the service they’re providing, the progress they’re making, and what I can expect in the coming future.”

Sarah Ash

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beta launch?

A beta launch is not a full release of a product to the public. Betas are generally released to a limited number of people to be used as a way for the audience to catch bugs the developers might have missed, receive proof of concept, and improve the product based on consumer activity.

What does your company do?

Arbol is a platform that helps Students in need pay for their non-tuition expenses providing them recurring micro-grants and connecting them to a community of Supporters.

How will I get funded?

Arbol will provide each Student of the beta program with $1,000 seed funding in the form of a micro-grant to use towards their non-tuition expenses for the Spring 2023 semester.

What is seed funding?

In the business world, seed funding is a very early investment which aims at helping a business grow and generating its own capital. In this case, you, the Student, are the “business” and Arbol is investing $1,000 in you to help reach your goal and cover essential college expenses. Our team also loves to use “Arbol” (stands for tree in Spanish) terminology!

Is the $1,000 seed funding guaranteed?

To receive the seed funding, Students must sign up for Arbol, complete a profile, a budget, and open an Arbol debit card. Students will work with an Arbol advisor to help them with financial planning, literacy and budgeting.

What is the Arbol debit card?

The Arbol debit card will be sent to each Student. The debit card helps you keep track of your money with expense controls and guardrails to make sure money given is being spent on necessary expenses for school.

When will I receive funding and the debit card to begin spending?

Both the $1,000 seed funding and any money raised from the supporter network will be made available in the student’s Arbol debit card in August, in advance of the Fall 2022 semester.

My need is greater than the $1,000 seed funding, how can I cover the rest?

Students will have the opportunity to receive mentoring and financial planning sessions to help manage expenses, better plan for the future, and get support.

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