Rashawn Williams

Rashawn Williams

👨‍🎓 Male / Black / Christian
🏫 Roberts Wesleyan College
👨‍⚕️ Bachelor of Nursing (BScN)
📍 Rochester, New York
🎂 11/11/2003

“I want to play professional basketball one day, or work as a nurse”

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Active from 8/19/2021 to 12/25/2025

About Me

  • Youngest out of 5 siblings
  • First kid to graduate to go on to college
  • For the past 10 years, I assisted my uncle with feeding and personal care after a car accident
  • Grown a passion to take care of people, which is why I’m studying nursing
  • Have already met coach, teammates and the students that I’ll be in a dorm with
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“My Name is Rashawn I graduated from Vertus Charter school, in the Class of 2021, I am the youngest out of my 5 siblings and the first kid in my family to graduate and go on to college.  I am currently enrolled in Robert Wesley college, My dream is to play professional basketball one day. I am looking to study nursing while at Roberts, I have grown a passion to take care of people because For the past 10 years I have assisted my uncle with care, My uncle was hurt in a car accident, and I assist him with feeding, personal care and various task he may need help with. I am currently 20,000 short for my tuition for this school year, My parents tried to assist me with the balance but was unable to get a parent loan, Not going to school would be devastating for me because I have already met my coach , my team mates and the students I will be sharing a dorm with.”


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The mission of the Urban League of Rochester, NY, is to enable African-Americans, Latinos, the poor, and other disadvantaged to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.