Sarah Ash Case Study

Sarah Ash receives $3,000 from the Arbol Community Fund to help cover her Spring 2022 college expenses

Student Overview

Sarah Ash is a low-income, first generation undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. She currently majors in Biology and has a passion to research vaccines to prevent spread of pathogens.


Sarah likely would be in debt with her Spring 2022 expenses totaling roughly $3,000. Sarah needed help paying for the semester so she can focus on her education rather than being burdened by finances.


The Arbol team worked with Sarah in virtual meetings to create a budget and derive how much was needed to cover her college expenses. Arbol raises $3,000 from an early adopter group of supporters. The Arbol Community Fund (ACF) distributes $3,000 to Sarah Ash through a Brex card with expense controls.


Sarah has access to the $3,000 on her virtual card. She is currently paying for textbooks and other expenses. On the virtual card, Arbol has the ability to see receipts Sarah uploads and where she spends money. This shows that Arbol helps real students with real needs, and makes sure funds are being used towards those real needs.

Student Testimonial

“I am absolutely elated to be part of the first group of students who are able to experience Arbol’s platform. The knowledge and passion of the employees is observable not only in the concept, but also in their communication and quality of their work. Throughout my entire experience, I’ve received transparency in what their requirements from students are, the service they’re providing, the progress they’re making, and what I can expect in the coming future.”

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