Arbol puts Students first.

With our team’s personal experiences of being first generation and low socioeconomic college Students, we understand the adversities you may face. Arbol’s focus is to alleviate your challenges with as much financial and community networking support as possible.

Who We Serve

Arbol serves low-income, first-generation, and underserved students by helping them pay for non-tuition expenses through recurring micro-grants and connecting them to a community of supporters.

Online Support.

We connect you with online supporters to help raise funds for expenses that are not covered under tuition costs such as food, books, housing, transportation and childcare.

Become an Arbol Student

Each semester, Arbol students get the opportunity to perform a needs assessment, create a budget, receive microgrants, manage your expenses, and participate in community through a social network.

Create a Profile.

Customize your profile page to share your story and get in front of Arbol’s supporter network.

Build a Budget.

Keep track of your college expenses all in one place and gain essential life skills such as financial literacy and planning.

Upload Verification.

Quickly upload documents (schedule, FAFSA, & enrollment certificate) that will help us verify you are a real student with real needs.

Join the community.

Connect with other students who are navigating college and follow their journey by viewing updates in your feed. Gain answers to common questions and share your knowledge to help others.

Meet Our Students

Meet Our Supporters

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