Arbol puts Students first.

With our team’s personal experiences of being first generation and low socioeconomic college Students, we understand the adversities you may face. Arbol’s focus is to alleviate your challenges with as much financial and community networking support as possible.

Financial support that goes beyond your cost of tuition.

Raise Funds to Cover Life Expenses

We match you with online supporters to help raise funds for expenses that are not covered under tuition costs such as food, books, housing, transportation and childcare.

Raise funds.

Keep track of the funds you earn and take note of all of your money to ensure each of your expenses are on track and organized.

Connect with Mentors.

Make connections with a variety of different people who can help advise you throughout your education journey and help open doors after graduation.

Join the online community.

Connect with other students who are navigating college and follow their journey by viewing updates in your feed. Gain answers to common questions and share your knowledge to help others.