Helping low-income students stay in school and graduate

We are democratizing opportunity by breaking the barriers in education, making a more equitable world for everyone.

What We Do

Our platform helps under-resourced college students raise funds to cover their living expenses, get advice, and build their network by connecting them with online supporters.

Only 16% of low-income college students graduate

Arbol helps students in need pay for their non-tuition expenses by providing them recurring micro-grants and connecting them to a community of supporters.

Benefits of Becoming a Supporter

Supporters receive a better giving experience. Arbol gives the supporter the option to give time and money, a one-to-one connection with the student, impact tracking, and transparency into where the supporter’s money is going.

One-to-One Connection

Supporters are able to make meaningful one on one connections with those they support, and feel invested in the student.

Impact Tracking

Supporters are able to see how their support has contributed to the success of the Student.


Supporters are able to see where their contribution goes.

Meet Our Students

How Arbol Works

Financial support that goes beyond your cost of tuition.

Create a Profile.

Customize your profile page to share your story and get in front of the Arbol supporter network.

Build a Budget.

Keep track of your college expenses all in one place. Gain essential life skills such as financial literacy and planning.

Manage Expenses.

We provide you a debit card where your funds are distributed. The debit card helps you keep track of your money and spending to make sure you hit set goals.

Join the Community.

Connect with other students who are navigating college and follow their journey by viewing updates in your feed. Gain answers to common questions and share your knowledge to help others.

Make a Recurring Donation

Help under-resourced students stay in college and graduate

We’ll charge you once a month or year, and use your donation to help under-resourced students pay for books, school supplies, laptops, off-campus housing, transportation, and food outside of a meal plan.

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