About Us

Helping low-income students stay in school and graduate through financial and community support.

Our Vision

To democratize opportunity for all, making a more equitable world by breaking the barriers in education.

Our Mission

Arbol is a platform that helps students in need pay for their non-tuition expenses providing them recurring micro-grants and connecting them to a community of supporters.

Arbol is a platform that enables supporters to give their time, talent, network and treasure to the students of their choice, while providing them one-to-one connection, proof of impact and transparency.

For Colleges.

Arbol helps colleges and universities maximize the lifetime value of their students by helping them to stay enrolled, graduate with less debt and transition to happy alumni that give back.

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For Foundations.

Arbol helps companies and foundations make an impact in the communities that they serve while empowering their employees and customers to participate in their philanthropy.

Our Team

David Gonzalez
Co-founder & Co-CEO

Favio Osorio
Co-founder & Co-CEO

Nahom Sososa
Founding team

Low income, first generation students face a significant gap that’s not being addressed on a national level. This platform can be a solution that can help driven students with limited access achieve their dreams by providing more than just financial support. I believe in the message; I’ve lived it. I feel compelled to support other low income first gen students make it through the transitory college period.

Mery Dorr

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