About Us

Favio Osorio

Co-Founder, CEO

Favio is a first-generation college graduate and received his MBA from Duke University. He is an experienced analyst and enjoys working with others. 


David Gonzalez
Co-Founder, President

David is a first-generation college graduate and received his MBA from Canisius College. He is passionate about using his skills to help push others forward.


Our Mission

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Arbol is a market network that helps low income college students raise funds to cover their life expenses, build their network and get advice by connecting them with supporters. By integrating crowdfunding and social networking in a single platform, Arbol rewards supporters, enabling them to contribute directly to students and develop a personal connection to the people they are helping while earning contribution credits to enhance their giving power.

Our Reason

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Only 16% of low income college students graduate, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Low income students cannot afford to sustain themselves on financial aid alone. 7 of 10 college students juggle working a full time job while striving to keep up with their schoolwork – inevitably hurting their grades, causing burn out and resulting in dropouts. Supporters make contributions of time and money towards low income students but help is typically localized and limited to alumni and students at a single university. So, contributions are funneled into endowments rather than disbursed directly to students. Supporters prefer a direct P2P model that gives them greater visibility into who is receiving the funds, how they are using them and the impact they are having on the students’ ability to achieve their goals.

Our History

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Our team came together in 2020 as a result of a shared goal and dedication to stop talking and start doing. We’ve committed time, resources and, above all, ceaseless passion to make sure our idea gets off the ground. By contributing, we’re offering you the chance to join this amazing initiative and, most importantly, to take part in something bigger than yourself. It’s never too early to start making a real difference to other people.